How to Purchase Power Banks

Bringing Power and Technology With You Wherever You Go

We live in the age of mobile technology, and our devices accompany us on our journeys whether to the grocery store, to work, or across the globe. Emails, text messages, social media all at our fingertips… Normally we are not too far from an outlet where we can plug in our devices, but on occasion we find ourselves in places where we are not afforded that luxury.

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What can you do to keep your devices charged?

Power banks are a wonderful tool to use when you find yourself in such a situation. These are relatively small devices that hold a charge much like a battery would but are something you can plug your phone into. There are several different types and many different brands of power banks, and while they are all useful, some still require charging ahead of time and are depleted over time until they can be recharged.

Are there any power banks that do not require an outlet?

There are specific power banks that are solar powered which means they do not require a convenient, nearby outlet in order to be recharged themselves. These provide us with a wider range of possibilities when it comes to where we can travel with our devices. In reality, you are freed from the cage that is shaped like an outlet.

What should you look for when purchasing a solar-powered power bank?

Wired Versus Wireless

Power banks come in either wired or wireless formats. The wired power banks can charge most mobile devices with the use of USB cords where the wireless power banks can also charge mobile devices that support wireless charging.

Wire Connector Types

Power banks typically come with USB micro 2.0 ports, but you can also find solar banks with Type C ports for newer devices. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing which power bank to purchase as most newer phones use Type C ports.

Auxiliary Features

After deciding whether to purchase a wired or wireless format and the types of connectors available, the only thing left to do is to decide which auxiliary features to choose. Color, shape, LED flashlights, and sometimes an attached compass are some of the various auxiliary features you could choose from.

Product Features

  • 18 Watt fast charging wired power bank
  • 10 Watt fast Qi wireless charging
  • 20000 mAh solar charging bank with high capacity allowing for multiple devices to be charged simultaneously
  • Flashlight (with strobe mode) and built-in compass
  • Comes with a type C cable

My Personal Testimony

I have personally used the Blavor Wireless Solar Powered Power Bank on my week-long trips into the local National Forest. It kept my smart phone fully charged the entire week for music and for any need of emergency calls. My Samsung Galaxy S20 features compatibility with wireless charging so I didn’t even need a USB cord. I just set my phone on the power bank. I would highly recommend the use of this particular power bank.